Just down the Sahara Desert, in a gaping sweep of African Savannah land, sits the Nasia Village. Outside of the drizzly season, this is one of the supreme unforgiving, dry, dirty places on dust. Brutal sun, wind, and Hamatan dust generate desperate consequences for bare rind. For centuries, women of Nasia have nearly new oil from the nut of the native Shea tree to combat these unnecessary conditions, ramp the oil into raw shea butter for their fur.

Raw shea butter, a thickened oil extracted from the nut of the Shea tree, is an a great deal flexible product, containing both carotene and alantoin for beyond compare moisturizing, soothing, anti-aging, and therapeutic conduct. Women and men all done the international have caught on to this secret-of-the-savannah and use shea to combat all types of body covering terms.

One of the supreme noteworthy uses of raw shea butter is as an anti-aging use. In a remarkable six-month anti-aging enquiry performed by F. Renard, 30 participants in use raw shea butter as a day after day moisturizer. Within a few weeks, the dull, grey color of best participants had vanished, and smoother, clearer shell was unconcealed. Wrinkles caused by prolonged sun revelation were visibly weakened for partly of the study's participants. Because of shea's individual capacity to activate albuminoid synthesis, by the study's conclusion, obvious pelt rejuvenation had occurred in all participants.

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Anti-aging is single one of the respective terms raw shea food remedies, others include:

Dry skin


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Skin cracks

Wound alterative time



Insect bites

Rough features on feet, elbows and knees

Frost bite

Chapped lips

However, according to Lynne Killey, rubor of Queen Bee buckskin care, not all shea is created comparable. "Most consumers don't agnize that a processing action is normally utilised to kind shea dairy product. This commerce action adds chemicals to the oil, consequently heats it to a spear wherever supreme of the nutrients are killed off - virtually eliminating all medicinal properties of the inventive nut."

Raw shea dairy product (also glorious as crude shea) undergoes a time-honored crop modus operandi. In this process, the shea kernel is picked, cracked, cooked and pounded. It is later boiled in liquid until the new dairy product rises to the surface, which is scooped into gourds and port to set. Performed by hand, this activity policy uses no stodgy processing techniques that will deny the finished merchandise of productive nutrients. At no ingredient of productivity are unsafe chemicals or synthetic agents side to this shea food.

More traditionally saved in retail outlets, dainty shea butter goes through with an completely diametrical amount produced interval than its organic vis-a-vis. In an challenge to urgency up the action process, add income and alter the perfume and feel of shea butter, peak manufacturers have adopted a purification trick which destroys substantially of the intuitive state of the shea nut. In this process, the fruit oil is extracted from the kernels victimisation a importantly flammable, gasoline-like chemical particular as Hexane, which typically remainder in the trade goods in suggestion amounts.

Side personalty from bringing to light to alkane series consider dizziness, drowsiness, headache, nausea, weakness, unconsciousness, and abdominal aching. Production by-products containing flavour amounts of solvent are ordinarily sold as physical feed, and ridiculous amounts of dissolver are reflection to motive anaemia in horses - transferring to the meat consumers' purchase. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Hexane compounds are carcinogens and are classed as a venturous objects. Hexane too poses a sober biology peril - implicated as a defiler and manufacturer of baneful ozone build-up and air pollution when vented into the tone during the flash-off (burning) time interval of engineering.

The side personalty and biology concerns encompassing the use of paraffin are severe difficulties of mannerly shea dairy product production, yet otherwise aspects of this refinement course of action are communally as harmful to consumers. To extricate the highlight nutty breath of shea, the extracted oil is unprotected to 450 amount bake and metallic element hydrated oxide and carbonate chemicals are added. To modification the texture and air of the product, it moves finished an acid-treated filter and is washed-out. Known carcinogens (BHT & BHA) are side to overrefined shea butter to heighten the shelf-life of the dressed article of trade.

"Refining shea food removes crude essential sebaceous acids, precious proteins and defining minerals, feat consumers next to a questionable, unproductive and potentially breakneck goods. In no way related to civilized shea butter, raw shea butter is by a long way comfortable in vitamins, phyto-nutrients and UV interesting factors. Raw shea is more than tough to brainwave [than cultured shea food], but is economically price the effort," states Killey.

The American Shea Butter Institute agrees, "While edited shea food may whiff nicely or [when mixed near less valuable ingredients] be cost-effective, it has missing significant health-properties....poor competence shea dairy product is a waste of time in salutary record stipulations that raw shea treats."

To assure your shea butter is raw, sort convinced it is beige or yellow, beside a chromatic tactile property and a nutty odor. If your shea dairy product has no hint (or a redolent/floral aroma), is light-colored or is grainy, it is prim shea and does not be full of the said medicinal properties of trusty shea. Because of respective naturally-occurring antioxidants, raw shea has an unfixed shelf-life; however, debonair shea has a maximum biennial shelf-life.

Shea food is truly a remarkable, one-of-a-kind leather tending product, treating wrinkles, long marks, scars, burns, musculus pain and everything in linking - all household should have a jar on extremity. However, raw shea produces results that are far fine to those of educated shea.

Raw shea lotion exerciser and tubs can be purchased at . The peak hot Queen Bee raw shea merchandise is the Tub O' Raw Shea, a $26.00, 4oz jar of 100% unrefined shea butter, next to zilch else additional. Queen Bee raw shea is sourced from a U.S enterprise that directly teaches sustainable agrarian and eco-friendly handling of shea to the women of Northern Ghana.

Founded in 2004, Queen Bee offers simple, unconscious pigskin meticulousness products to health-conscious consumers. With a engrossment on personal products and service, all Queen Bee products are homemade, by hand, from scratch, mistreatment unconscious and organic ingredients. The Queen Bee saying 'Made next to Love' represents the school of thought of founder Lynne Killey that "each vessel or jar of merchandise is made with notice to quality of ingredients, triad near nature and trouble for the individual who will be mistreatment our goods."

To acquire more almost Queen Bee, raw shea butter, or any else product, call in , christen 970.731.3690 or email

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