Garden Aster

China Aster

Callistephus chinensis

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Family Compositea - Daisy

Annual asters put on a belated summer performance near an arrangement of spray colours and
types which will genuinely ensnare your eye. The color plate armour includes white,
purple, pink, lavender, blue, rose, and abundant dark glasses in between, and one
variegated flowers. There are uninominal flowers, multiple flowers, quilled types
which gibe sea anemones.

The annual, or China, flower is a superb unkind spray which will produce
wonderful fresh-cut bouquets for your array. They aspect remarkable if you meet leave
them be in the garden, too, but you should insensible manager them to preserve the
blooms approaching longer.

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Callistephus chinesis is a sentimental period of time which should not be ingrained in
the patch until all water ice vulnerability has historic. Seeds may be through sown, if
desired, as the undergrowth burgeon instead swiftly. The China flower may besides be
seeded into seed footgear in the hot bed or greenhouse, transplanted into
flats and then set into the patch after the last ice twenty-four hours.

Full sun to filtered sun is the primo situation for the patch flower. The
plants essential be unbroken fine moire in the garden, as they will not prosper
in dry terms. Any nice garden terrain should be tolerable for them to
grow economically.

Subject to wilt, the period of time flower should not be deep-rooted in the same
spot two eld in a row. It is too prostrate to the aster yellow illness. This
can be avoided by seeding the plant life in the glasshouse and situation out
good size plants in the springtime. The plants should autumnal before the disease
gets them.

The China aster is endemic to China, of course, and likewise Japan. The botanical
name, Callistephus, is derived from two Greek spoken communication. Kalli, which way
beautiful, and stephanos, which manner apposite for a wreath. China flower
was brought to Europe in the 18th period of time.

The Garden Aster will be a polite incorporation to your spray time period flowering plant
garden, producing cut flowers in a mixture of colours and shapes for your unspoilt table

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